Monday, February 7, 2011

Delicious Wishes is now available!!

Hi Everyone!

The best new gift is now available!

Delicious Wishes is an affordable versatile, unique, personalized - and not to mention delicious way to send a gift, for a multitude of reasons. Everything is included! Here's what you'll give when you send someone a Delicious Wishes gift:

  • A delicious gift- Your recipient will receive a Chinese takeout box filled with 5 individually wrapped fortune cookie shaped solid Guittard Chocolates
  • A personalized greeting from you - Greeting cards are not cheap these days, and to make them personalized, you still have to write your own message. When you send Delicious Wishes, your greeting card is actually apart of your gift. A big $ savings!
  • A unique presentation - Everyone loves to open a fortune cookie even though we all know the message inside is meaningless and generic - we just enjoy the anticipation of a hidden message. Delicious Wishes makes that fun meaningful because the message is from you!
  • A convenient and affordable way to send a meaningful gift - All you have to do is choose your flavor of chocolate, write your message, pay and your part is done. We will embed your messages in the "cookies", package them, and ship them off. All for the price of $9.99!
  • We do all the work - you get all the Credit!

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